Hydroformed 6061-0 Aluminum .080” Thick
CNC Machined, Heat Treated, & Anodized
Deep Drawn 6061-0 Aluminum .063” Thick with Chemical Film Coating
Deep Drawn Copper .090” Thick
Spinning and Swedging
Mil-spec Multiple Draw Deep Draw 6061-0 Aluminum .080” Thick
Custom Machined & Seamless Construction
Formed Ribs, Piercing, Painting & Assembly
Deep Drawn 160-0 Aluminum .040” Thick
Roll Forming of the lip
Multiple Draw Deep Draw & Forming 6061-0 Aluminum .090” Thick
Anodized Aluminum
Deep Drawn Bronze .050” Thick
Blanking, Piercing and Nickel Plating
Piercing, CNC Machining and Dip Brazing
Deep Drawn Anodized 6061-0 Aluminum .090” Thick
CNC Machining and Dip Brazing
Hydroformed 3003-0 Aluminum .063” Thick
Pierced, Powder Painted, Itidite Chromate Coated & Assembled
Deep Drawn Hastelloy 275 .125” Thick
Annealing & CNC Machining
Hydroformed 6061-0 Aluminum .063” Thick
Pierced, Blanking & Color Anodized Aluminum
CNC Machined, Blanking & Color Anodized Aluminum
Mil-Spec Deep Drawn 6061-0 Aluminum Heat Treated to T6
Mil-Spec Reverse Drawn 6061-0 Aluminum Heat Treated to T6
Welded, Dip-brazed, Pierced, Riveted and Assembled

Custom Metal Fabrication

We've been making metal parts in the USA for over 100 years. We have a reputation for deep drawing and hydroforming parts other shops won't even quote! Our facility combines hyrdoforming, deep drawing, CNC machining, and spinning with a full range of secondary operations, including light assembly and finishing — We quote and manufacture complex parts with shorter lead times and higher quality!

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Custom Metal Fabrication & Manufacturing

AMALCO offers superior contract metal fabrication capabilities, including deep drawing and hydroforming metal forming processes. Our manufacturing equipment includes components designed exclusively by and for Amalco. As a vertically-integrated company, we're able to minimize costs and reduce lead times — while complying with our customers' detailed specifications and rigorous requirements. We possess the equipment needed to produce and assemble your most difficult, complex metal parts under one roof.

Our facility meets rigid Mil specs and standards required for Government, Aerospace, and Military products. As a result, our commercial customers also benefit from our adherence to these stringent standards.

Our team of expert engineers work closely with our sales, operations, QC, and production personnel in all facets of part development and manufacture. This approach allows us to produce the highest-quality products at competitive prices, while consistently exceeding customer delivery expectations.

Seamless Metal Fabrication Methods

Hydroforming and deep drawing processes produce seamless metal parts and eliminate much of the complexity associated with stamping, welding, and traditional metal fabrication techniques. The use of seamless metal forming methods also reduces the need for secondary inspections, such as pressure testing and X-raying, to detect voids and cracks.

Deep Drawn Metal Parts

Deep drawing is ideal for complex cylinders, enclosures, boxes, cases and irregular shapes. The process involves drawing a sheet metal blank around a punch as it's pulled through a die. Meanwhile, the edges of the metal blank are restrained by a blank holder or sleeve. Deep drawing achieves 43% reductions per draw, and greater depths can be formed with multiple draws.

  • Amalco makes deep drawn parts ranging from ½ to 24" in diameter
  • The maximum depth for deep drawn parts is usually 24"
  • We've made some specialty drawn enclosures as deep as 55"
  • The maximum blank diameter for deep drawing is 48"

Hydroformed Metal Parts

Hydroforming is ideal for convex/concave domes, covers, and enclosures. The process involves a special pressurized forming chamber, a sheet metal blank, and a punch made in the shape of the desired metal part. The metal blank is placed on top of a ring, which is placed on top of the punch. The hydraulic chamber is then closed over the sheet metal blank and fluid pressure is applied to the top side of the unit. At the same time, the punch is pushed up into the blank and the pressure is increased. This causes the blank to take the shape of the punch.

Hydroforming achieves 60% reductions per draw. Compared to deep drawing, the tooling for hydroforming is usually less expensive, since only a punch and ring are required — while deep drawing requires a punch, die, and a blank holder. When parts are conducive to hydroforming and relatively small quantities are desired, hydroforming is usually the more cost effective solution.

  • Amalco makes hydroformed parts up to 15" in diameter
  • The maximum depth for hydroformed parts is 10"
  • The maximum blank diameter for hydroforming is 21"

Metal Parts Design & Engineering

Let Amalco meet your most challenging metal forming needs with custom solutions or one of our standard product offerings. Contact our Engineering Support Team as early as possible in your product development process — even before your designs are finalized. Our expert engineers can assist you with CAD drawings, alloy selection, and more. We've been making metal parts in the USA for over 100 years, and we've earned a reputation for deep drawing and hydroforming parts other shops have declined to quote.

Secondary Operations (Value Added Services)

  • CNC Machining
  • Spinning
  • Piercing, Blanking & Forming
  • Dip Brazing - Aluminum
  • Heat Treating
  • Painting
  • Spot Welding
  • Anodizing
  • Heliarc® Welding
  • Iriditing
  • Light Assembly
  • Trimming
  • Swedging


  • Aluminum
  • Nickel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Monel®
  • Hastelloy®
  • Brass
  • Inconel®
  • Titanium
  • Copper
  • Steel
  • Mu Metal
  • Special Metals

Quality System (Conforms to MIL-I-45208)

Going strong for 100 years!

With our MIL-Grade Quality System External link, our commercial customers enjoy the same critical quality control standards that have allowed us to deliver Defense Department contracted product for many years. Amalco employs the latest technologies in its QC inspection processes, and maintains its own QC Manual — maintaining a goal of "Zero Defects on All Products Produced."

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Why Do We Choose Amalco?

“Amalco offers a 'one-stop shop'. In the past, our combustion cones were shipped back and forth between several subcontractors to have them perform different production steps. Amalco performs each of these operations at one facility, thereby reducing our cone supplier base from three to one. Now, we coordinate inventory and communications with only one cone supplier, which saves us invaluable time and resources.”
— L.N., Director Of Supply Chain Management
for a major manufacturer of waste oil burning heating systems

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Design and Engineering Support for Hydroforming and Deep Drawn Metal

With 100 years and four generations of experience, Amalco offers design and engineering support for customers in need of deep drawn and hydroformed metal parts. Our team is ready to help you solve design challenges and answer your hydroforming process and deep drawing process questions. If you are new to metal forming and fabrication, Professor Metal is here help you get started.

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