Dip-Brazed Aluminum Assemblies

Amalco is an aluminum dip brazing company with 30 years of experience creating remarkable assemblies for the most demanding customers. We dip braze simple and complex assemblies for medical equipment manufacturers, defense contractors and many other businesses. Brazing can be combined in-house with many other primary and secondary operations to save you time and money. Our team takes pride in producing high-quality parts with shorter lead times and lower costs.

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Aluminum Dip Brazing

Amalco is a single-source dip brazing and metal forming manufacturer serving the needs of communication, automotive, aerospace, military, medical, and other manufacturers. Amalco has dip brazed aluminum assemblies since 1982 and is unique in its ability to cost effectively manufacture complex parts that require multiple operations. We have an integrated 60,000 square foot facility that combines dip brazing with many other primary and secondary operations.

Dip Brazing Quality

Going strong for 100 years!

Amalco is committed to producing the highest quality parts and abides by a zero-defect policy. Amalco conforms to the MIL-I-45208 quality system.

Our quality control standards afford our commercial customers the same benefits that we provide to the Department of Defense. Amalco prides itself on the cleanliness and professionalism of its dip brazing department. We know that the quality and reliability of the braze and the enforcement of our zero-defect policy require attention to detail at every level of production.

We are proud to fabricate mission-critical assemblies for the Department of Defense (DOD) and healthcare device manufactures. Our aluminum dip brazed assemblies can be found in ground defense missiles, arming boxes, optical housings, pressure vessels, and medical devices. We offer x-ray as well as pressure testing where required.

Benefits of Dip Brazing with Amalco

Complex assemblies can require multiple operations to manufacture. Typical dip brazing companies can handle only a single operation within a multi-step manufacturing process. If you choose a typical dip brazing company, you will be forced to contract with multiple vendors, which is potentially risky. Shipments can be delayed and assemblies can be damaged in shipment or simply from being packed, unpacked, and repacked. Inconsistencies in quality control systems between manufacturers can make pinpointing the cause of quality problems difficult. Furthermore, a multi-vendor ecosystem creates multiple points of failure. This cascade of challenges can lead to higher costs and a less reliable manufacturing channel.

Amalco is unique in its capability to mitigate these risks and reduce the associated costs. Amalco consolidates the entire manufacturing process—from design to metal forming to brazing to final assembly—in a single integrated 60,0000 square foot facility. Amalco has a highly qualified staff of designers, engineers, and brazers who are dedicated to working with you from initial design through final delivery of your dip-brazed parts. Amalco combines a variety of primary and secondary operations under one roof. Amalco's integrated approach can dramatically decrease the time it takes to build a dip-brazed assembly, along with eliminating the cost of shipping the piece to multiple vendors.

Amalco's integrated dip brazing operation can increase overall quality and reduce cost on many aluminum dip-brazed assemblies. If technical capability, quality, reliability, and cost are primary factors in selecting your dip brazing company, choose Amalco to manufacture your aluminum dip-brazed assembly. Call us today to discuss your project.

Supply Chain and Manufacturing Business Continuity

At Amalco, we are committed to ensuring continuity of manufacturing in the event of a natural disaster that would result in failure of the electrical power grid. Amalco is also committed to protecting the environment.

For those reasons, the power supply for Amalco's electrode-heated molten salt dip brazing bath is supplemented by a large solar array as well as by backup diesel electric generators. In the event of power loss, we have sufficient alternative supplies of energy to maintain operational effectiveness and continue dip brazing, deep drawing and hydroforming operations.

What Can Amalco Dip Braze?

Amalco dip-brazes heat-treatable and non–heat-treatable aluminum alloys, such as:

  • 1100
  • 3003 & 3004
  • 5005, 5052, & 5050
  • 6061, 6063, & 6951
  • 7005

Amalco may be able to dip braze other alloys by request.

Upton Dip Brazing Furnaces for  Brazing Aluminum Alloys
Amalco's Fired-Brick Salt Bath
Upton Dip Brazing Furnace
Amalco utilizes a fired-brick Upton furnace that uses graphite electrodes to heat a molten chemical salt bath to approximately 1100°F. The temperature of the salt bath can be controlled to within 4°F to 5°F.

Amalco endeavors to create a perfect joint every time; therefore, we use 4047 as a filler alloy because of its limited range of 10°F. The tight temperature range decreases the amount of time the assembly must be exposed to the high temperature of the bath. The reduced exposure time mitigates many possible risks, such as warping. After dip brazing, assemblies can be aged to a temper of T4 or can be heat-treated to a hardness of T6.

Over the past 30 years, Amalco has found that aluminum dip brazing works well for products with intricate areas that would be inaccessible with traditional welding or soldering techniques. Dip brazing involves a uniform heating process that produces little to no physical distortion.

If you are wondering if Amalco can dip-braze your part, take a look at our Dip-Brazed Parts Gallery to get a sense of our capabilities. If you don't see a similar part, give us a call or upload your drawings.

Amalco Brazes to All Classes

Amalco can braze to all classes. If Amalco cannot join your assembly with dip brazing, we offer a variety of welding, soldering, and alternative assembly methods in-house.

Dip Brazing Process

Aluminum dip brazing is a process in which two pieces of metal are joined together with a filler metal when heated to the melting point of the filler metal in the molten chemical salt bath.

Amalco begins the dip brazing process by chemically cleaning the constituent parts and thoroughly inspecting them. Once they are clean, a combination of filler metal and silicone is placed between the mating surfaces. If the filler cannot be applied between the surfaces, flux and capillary action are used to distribute it. The filler is applied in slurry form as close to the joints as possible.

Aluminum Starter Box being prepared for Dip Brazing
Aluminum starter box being
prepared for Dip Brazing
Amalco's custom-built preheating ovens for the Dip Brazing Process
Protecting Parts From Thermal Shock
& Warping by Preheating

To eliminate the risk of thermal shock and distortion, all parts are placed into Amalco's custom-built preheating ovens. The ovens evenly increase the temperature of the metal and filler. After preheating is complete, the assembly is placed into our Upton dip braze pot and the tank is filled with a molten salt bath. The bath's temperature is generally above 900°F but below the melting point of the aluminum base metal. The heat from the salt bath quickly liquefies the filler metal, which then is drawn into the holes in the joint through capillary action. The chemical salt's properties help control the loss of energy an object experiences after it is heated. Objects are immersed for about a minute and then are typically placed into a liquid trench for quenching or air cooled.

Alloy Parts are Put into Dip Brazing Molten Salt Bath
Parts are placed into Upton
Dip Braze Pot

Most parts require air cooling before receiving a hot soak and heat treatment. All parts are thoroughly cleaned to eliminate the risk of post braze oxidation. Our engineers visually inspect the final pieces and perform pressure testing when specified. The inspection and testing help to ensure that none of the joints will leak. The combination of heat treatment and brazing creates a properly prepared joint that is usually stronger than the base metal.

Aluminum Dip Brazing Company

Amalco is an aluminum dip brazing company in Mountainside, New Jersey. We dip braze aluminum assemblies for businesses all over the United States, Canada, South America, Europe, and Asia. Our vertically integrated manufacturing plant is equipped and staffed to deliver complex assemblies on time and on budget. We look forward to working with you on your next project.

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Why Do We Choose Amalco?

“Amalco offers a 'one-stop shop'. In the past, our combustion cones were shipped back and forth between several subcontractors to have them perform different production steps. Amalco performs each of these operations at one facility, thereby reducing our cone supplier base from three to one. Now, we coordinate inventory and communications with only one cone supplier, which saves us invaluable time and resources.”
— L.N., Director Of Supply Chain Management
for a major manufacturer of waste oil burning heating systems

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