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Amalco has a long history of serving the aerospace industry. We maintain a zero-defect policy that sets us apart from the competition and inspires loyalty among our customers. To get a sense of the metal parts we've produced for the aerospace and airline industries, browse through the gallery of parts below. Each part was made by one of Amalco's expert engineers, who carefully prepare each aluminum metal blank to ensure that the resulting product is free from tears, weaknesses, and imperfections

Some of the parts you see here were deep drawn, while others were formed through a combination of hydroforming and deep drawing. The aeronautical prototypes shown below also display Amalco's range of secondary operations, including CNC machining, dip brazing, anodizing, and stress relieving.

For help planning a design or prototype, contact our team of expert engineers today.

Deep Drawn Aluminum Oilpan

Deep Drawn Oilpan »

Deep drawn aluminum oil pan for aerospace application (more)

Deep Drawn Aluminum Smoke Detector Cover

Deep Drawn Aluminum Smoke Detector Cover »

Deep drawn aluminum smoke detector cover: pierced and notched (more)

Deep Drawn Aluminum Hydraulic Chamber

Deep Drawn and Dip Brazed Aluminum Hydraulic Chamber »

Deep drawn aluminum hydraulic chamber: CNC machined, dip brazed, anodized, x-rayed (more)

Deep Drawn Copper Oxygen Chamber

Deep Drawn Copper Oxygen Chamber »

Deep drawn copper oxygen chamber: stress relief (more)

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Why Do We Choose Amalco?

“Amalco offers a 'one-stop shop'. In the past, our combustion cones were shipped back and forth between several subcontractors to have them perform different production steps. Amalco performs each of these operations at one facility, thereby reducing our cone supplier base from three to one. Now, we coordinate inventory and communications with only one cone supplier, which saves us invaluable time and resources.”
— L.N., Director Of Supply Chain Management
for a major manufacturer of waste oil burning heating systems
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Bosch Security Systems

Design and Engineering Support for Hydroforming and Deep Drawn Metal Manufacturing

With 100 years and 4 generations of experience, Amalco offers design and engineering support for customers who need to manufacture deep drawn and hydroformed metal products and parts. Our team is ready to help you solve design challenges and answer your hydroforming process and deep drawing process questions. If you are new to metal forming and fabrication, Professor Metal is here help you get started.

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