Manufacturer of Deep-Drawn, Hydroformed, and Dip-Brazed Metal Parts

American Aluminum Company (AMALCO), established in 1910, is now a fourth-generation family-owned business. Amalco offers contract metal fabrication designed to minimize lead times and lower costs.

With its diverse capabilities, Amalco services a wide variety of industries, including defense/aerospace, security, medical, communications, HVAC, industrial lighting, electronics, aviation, pharmaceutical, ordnance, process control/pumps, brazing, general industrial, food/beverage, guided missiles, and measurement and control instrumentation.

Metal forming processes include deep drawing, hydroforming, and dip brazing with secondary operations (value added services) consisting of CNC machining, piercing, blanking, forming, heat treating, Heliarc® welding, painting, metal spinning, light assembly, spot welding, anodizing, iriditing, trimming and swedging. Amalco works with all metals, including aluminum, stainless steel, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, nickel, brass, copper, mu-metal, Monel®, titanium, steel, and other specialty metals. For more information, watch a short video introducing Amalco's capabilities.

Custom Manufactured Metal Parts Gallery

Amalco creates high-quality assemblies for some of the world's most demanding applications. We invite you to browse our deep-drawn, hydroformed, and dip-brazed parts galleries. We have assembled a representative collection of our work, which we hope will help start a conversation about your manufacturing requirements and how we can assist you in producing your assemblies. Call us to start today: (908) 233-3500.

Hydroformed 6061-0 Aluminum .080” Thick
CNC Machined, Heat Treated, & Anodized
Deep Drawn 6061-0 Aluminum .063” Thick with Chemical Film Coating
Deep Drawn Copper .090” Thick
Spinning and Swedging
Mil-spec Multiple Draw Deep Draw 6061-0 Aluminum .080” Thick
Custom Machined & Seamless Construction
Formed Ribs, Piercing, Painting & Assembly
Deep Drawn 160-0 Aluminum .040” Thick
Roll Forming of the lip
Multiple Draw Deep Draw & Forming 6061-0 Aluminum .090” Thick
Anodized Aluminum
Deep Drawn Bronze .050” Thick
Blanking, Piercing and Nickel Plating
Piercing, CNC Machining and Dip Brazing
Deep Drawn Anodized 6061-0 Aluminum .090” Thick
CNC Machining and Dip Brazing
Hydroformed 3003-0 Aluminum .063” Thick
Pierced, Powder Painted, Iridite Chromate Coated & Assembled
Deep Drawn Hastelloy 275 .125” Thick
Annealing & CNC Machining
Hydroformed 6061-0 Aluminum .063” Thick
Pierced, Blanking & Color Anodized Aluminum
CNC Machined, Blanking & Color Anodized Aluminum
Mil-Spec Deep Drawn 6061-0 Aluminum Heat Treated to T6
Mil-Spec Reverse Drawn 6061-0 Aluminum Heat Treated to T6
Welded, Dip-brazed, Pierced, Riveted and Assembled

Contract Manufacturer

Deep Drawn, Hydroformed, & Dip Brazed Parts

Amalco offers expert metal fabrication with a full range of secondary operations. We'll assist you from early design and engineering through assembly and final finishing — Amalco delivers shorter lead times, higher quality, & lower costs!

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Lower Costs & Higher Quality

We perform most secondary operations at our facility in Mountainside, New Jersey, resulting in higher quality and lower costs.

  • Deep draw, hydroforming, dip brazing & metal fabrication
  • CNC Machining, piercing, blanking, forming, heat treating, spot welding, Heliarc® welding, dip brazing, assembly, painting, anodizing & iriditing & others
  • Aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, brass, copper, titanium, Hastelloy®, Inconel®, mu-metal, Monel®, steel & exotic alloys

100 Years of Quality & Innovation

Amalco employs the latest technologies in its QC inspection processes, and maintains its own QC Manual focused on a goal of "Zero Defects on All Products Produced."

Conforms to MIL-I-45208, Registered ITAR M20157

Local Offices & Worldwide Delivery

Hydroforming and metal fabrication sales offices in

Arizona & New Mexico